I have been traveling in China since 1990, and while many things have changed, many are still the same.  One of the the changes that I am grateful to see, is the resurgence of Daoism.  The temples are in good repair, their majesty preserved, the clergy are fully dedicated and educated, and the people are there in throngs revitalizing the ways of the past.  

In November of 2018 we are planning our next trip.  We will go to the beautiful Qingcheng mountains and stay and study at the Jianfu Gong temple.  Here we will have a daily class with the Abess, Zhang Mingxin, one of the leading Daoist clergy.  

After we leave Jianfu Gong we will go to the top of the mountain to the Taiqing Gong temple, where we will study calligraphy and Taiji with the Abott, Yang Lichang.

We will have time to hike the beautiful mountains, take a day trip to the incredible monastery Qingyang Gong in Chengdu, and see the Pandas if you choose.

When we return to Beijing, we will have two days to explore, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Baiyun Guan (White Cloud Temple)...Or you can pick your own adventure, shopping eating etc..

For more details, contact me through this website.

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